International NFT exposition takes place at Rio de Janeiro

Mon, Jul 4th 2022, by naiane

International NFT exposition takes place at Rio de Janeiro

Following the success of NFT.NYC and NFT Liverpool, NFT Rio is the first international exposition dedicated to NFTs taking place in Brazil. Happening from June 30 to July 3rd in the iconic Parque Lage, in the middle of the forest and with an astonishing view to Cristo Redentor.

The event reunited crypto enthusiasts of many strands, like programmers, investors, artists and collectors, besides attracting people who were there visiting the park with their families and people interested in novelty.

The event, open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m. is divided in exposition, in the old cavalry building, and masterclasses in the main building.

The exposition features artpieces of several invited artists and 10 curated artists.

Several iconic pieces from Cozomo de’ Medici’ (Snoop Dogg)’s collection, The Medici Collection, are exposed, as well as collections such as Cool Cats, Doodles, SatoshiNation and the Brazilian Cryptorastas and pieces of Brazilian artists, like Uno de Oliveira, Ottis, Simone Monte, DaisaTJ, Ricardo Takamura, Carlos Vamoss, NUMA and Gilberto Gil as Gil Futurível.

In the main gallery can be found several screens separated, in which are reproduced common terms of the NFT world, with their meanings as dictionary entries. As well, there is a painted timeline on the walls, as to mimic a finance chart, since 2009 until now, telling the history of NFTs up to this point.

On the left there is a room equipped with 4 interactive screens, in which the visitor selects in a simple list the name of the author of the artwork he or she wants to see. Also, there is a projection with 2-4 works shown at a time in the end of the poorly illuminated room.

In another side gallery exposition are projected animated art NFTs, with highlight to The Medici Collection, with more than 7 minutes of reproduction out of fairly 30 minutes total, contemplating 16 exhibitions. The art is projected onto 3 of the room’s walls in continuity, as it was “fold”, making it an immersive and beautiful experience.

The masterclasses features names like Bruno Natal, Caio Vicentino, Gabriel Aleixo, Mari Moon, Danilo Matos, Domi Valansi and Fabio Szwarcwald, having as subject Art Market in Digital Times, Digital Communities, Ways of Investing in NFTs, What is Blockchain among others.

The event is sponsored by Mercado Bitcoin, Eletromidia, Cryptorastas, Prefeitura do Rio, Bankless Brasil,, hotcafe, and others.

On Saturday night take place in the middle of the Tijuca Forest a party with BNegão, Digital Dubs and Aisha & Yaminah.

Cael Stavis, 2-3/7/2022